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Sex Therapy
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 "Sex isn't something you do, sex is a place you go."

-Esther Perel


I believe that sex, at its best, is about connection, play, and liberation, and that most of us could use more of all those things in our lives. It’s my personal mission to support people in prioritizing pleasure by offering sex-positive education and therapy.


As the owner of Venus Envy Ottawa, I have a strong background in the world of sexual health. I'm passionate about all things sex- and sexuality-related, and I have over a decade of experience in the field. I enjoy working with people as they navigate all types of sexual issues, including physical changes, relationship concerns, out-of-control sexual behaviours, sexual shame or guilt, and challenges with arousal, orgasm, and desire. I am kink-aware and sex worker-friendly.


About half my practice currently is working with people who are recovering their sexual pleasure from the effects of sexualized violence and trauma. I would be honoured to help you in this work as well.

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